Meet the West Kootenay Climate Hub Organizational Team

Meet The Team
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Michael Abroismoff-Penner

 I’m 18 years old and I got involved with climate Activism back in 2019. When the Fridays for future west Kootenay started up. From there I’ve volunteered in many organizations. Including FFFWK, West Kootenay climate hub, ccl Nelson, XR west Kootenay, Bc Climate Alliance, and many more. I am the I.T web manager and social media. For the west Kootenay climate hub.

Fun Fact: about me is I love being in nature with friends rather than playing video games.


Judy O’Leary

I started my climate advocacy with Citizens’ Climate Lobby Nelson-West Kootenay and later helped found BC Climate Alliance, this hub and Climate Caucus, where I am a Network Coordinator. In an earlier life on the prairies I coordinated environmental impact assessments and then moved into education. Nelson has been home since 2010. 

Fun fact: my dog Harley has attended a lot of climate meetings, and traveled twice to Victoria with me to lobby MLAs.

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Ron Robinson

I have been involved with CCL Nelson - West Kootenay since 2013 and now West Kootenay Climate Hub. I will be facilitating a third climate discussion group for Learning in Retirement and continue to have climate related letters published in national and regional papers across Canada. In my spare time, I’m an active artist in mixed media and sculpture.


Laura Sacks

I currently focus my efforts on climate advocacy and empowering others to take action. I founded the local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and am a Regional Organizer for the Community Climate Hub initiative. I am a trained Climate Reality Leader, and  an En-ROADS climate ambassador providing workshops on climate solutions. Before focusing on climate, I had a career as a hydrologist, operated a small organic farm, and helped raise two daughters. This work is ultimately driven by my grave concern for their future.


Steven Cretney

I am the project lead and a co-facilitator of the Nest Lab, a social innovation lab supporting collaborative community action on climate change in Nelson. I also run a Nelson-based design and engagement studio, Focused on endorsing social, environmental and educational initiatives, I collaborate with a variety of non-profits, charities and organizations to increase the impact of their good work, with good communications and design.

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 Marie-Paule Berthiaume

Teacher and mother of a young family, I am committed to climate advocacy at my kids’ and my students’ schools. I am currently educating the Conseil scolaire francophone (CSF) students through workshops about zero waste and the 5Rs as a Slimmer Waste (SW) facilitator. I am also informing the general public about environmental challenges through my journalism practices. I am a new En-ROADS climate ambassador, soon to provide workshops on climate solutions. Finally, I value my alliance with Mères au front (MAF) and For Our Kids (FOK).

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Craig DeLong

As a forest ecologist researcher, I have a long history with linking climate to ecosystems with research in forest classification, natural disturbance ecology, and old growth forest dynamics. More recently I have been working on a project that examines forest mortality in relation to climate change. I have a keen interest in projects that help reduce our impacts on the environment. I am a director of the Kootenay  Outdoor and Environmental Learning Society ( and project lead for the Rossland Refactory which takes waste plastic from the local area and turns it in to products that can be sold locally thereby reducing the carbon footprint related to the supply chain. I am keen to become involved in more projects within the Kootenays which can reduce our climate footprint locally.